Dominic Di Carini    Hard Boiled San Francisco Private Eye

Interview with D. Angelo Ferri

What's this all about?  I grew up in a big Italian family in the 1950's. Life was very different back then. The family was together, we lived in a very traditional way. A lot has changed.  I think it is important that we honor our heritage and our culture. My detective, Dominic Di Carini, is a first generation Italian American in 1930's         San Francisco.  Excuse me but why San Francisco? I lived there for 15 years and became fascinated with the history of the city.  Dominic doesn't want to be a fisherman like his father. He's a gambler, bets the horses, boxing, baseball. He can handle playing cards. Something happens in his life.  That something gets him in to the Private Eye Racket. Who should buy your e-books? People interested Italian American Nostalgia.  People interested  in the 30's and 40's. People interested in the Baseball, Boxing, and Horse Racing of that time. People who like hard boiled detective stories. People interested in things that happened during the Depression, Prohibition, events leading up to World War Two, real history detectives'... real history detectives?  Yes, I don't buy  what I've been told by mass media. I look at resources available  to me today, compare it to what people were told, and then make my own decisions about what happened. And of course Italian American's? Yes, I hope they will read the stories and be reminded of their own families, of what they went through to give them a better life in America. In addition to your writing you are a Professional Magician? Yes,  I started performing for my family after dinner, that was the inspiration for my Napoli Magic Show. My teacher was the great Italian Master, Slydini.

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Di Carini Investigations ... The San Francisco Files ... 1935 to  1944

Italian American Pulp Fiction in E-Book Format

by D. Angelo Ferri